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In the past, searching for apartment rentals was a challenging prospect. You would either look through classified ads in the paper, walk around neighborhoods looking for places with signs or simply cold-call landlords. It could potentially be a grueling and sometimes humiliating experience.

Today, with the internet, anyone could easily find the rental they want. With advances in search engine technology and the ease of adding available rentals to a variety of databases, a renter could find exactly the type of home that they want by inputing details like location, number of bedrooms, price points as well as amenities like a swimming pool or gym.

With so many search options, one could end up with several choices, making it difficult to keep track of everything. Fortunately, many sites offer the ability to add your possible rentals to your social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter as well as sending an email.

Besides searching for rentals, there are now online services that allow you apply and work with the property management company electronically. This would make the approval process faster and it would allow you to make payments without having to write checks and mailing them. For the property manager, it makes it easier for them to communicate with renters and it keeps everything organized so that if any disputes come up, audits can be made with little effort.

Once you have your apartment, you can start adding technology that would make your life easier and more informed. The idea of the Internet of Things has been around for the past several years but is now slowly coming to fruition. Everyday items, like your door lock or lightbulb, can connect to the internet. On the surface, it might sound frivolous, but being able to access your door lock on your smart phone allows you to check to see if you actually secured your apartment before you left and even allow you to lock the door remotely if you did not.

It is certainly the dawn of a new age in apartment living. With so many new technologies appearing everyday, we not only easily find where we want to live but also find exactly the type of place to live.

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Game Companies

Note - The games listed herein do not represent a complete list of what each company has produced; rather, they are either games of note or games that I have played and particularly enjoyed.
Expansions are listed in line with the title that they are the expansion for.

I have mainly listed games by developer, not by publisher.

Some listings may not be 100% correct, due to the fluctuating nature as to whether a developer still exists as an independant entity, has been acquired by a publisher or other development house and absorbed in whole or in part, or become nothing more then a brand name within a larger organization.  Plus the fact that expansions are frequently produced by companies other than the original developer.
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Located In Canada

Bioware Inc.
- Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale
- Neverwinter Nights, Shadows of Undrentide, Hordes of the Underdark
- Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic